The main, leading brand of XADO Chemical Group. Registered in 1991. The first products with the XADO trademark appeared in automotive shops in 1999. If you see the XADO logo on the package, it means this is an innovative product containing revitalizant. It is the main feature and distinctive sign of the XADO trademark. Currently XADO is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative car care products and lubricants. The XADO products designed for restoration and repair of any types of vehicles and mechanisms without their disassembly can be bought in more than 80 countries of the world and on all continents.

One of the oldest and most popular XADO trademarks. Registered in 1999. Manufactures more than 100 products for vehicle maintenance such as additive packages for fuel and oil, highly effective detergents, car care products, products for maintenance of assemblies, body, cabin and glasses of a car etc. You can name any parts of a vehicle, VERYLUBE manufactures products for all of them. Recently the VERYLUBE car care products have well-proved themselves in more than 35 countries of the world. VERYLUBE is really popular choice because its credo is “High quality car care products for an affordable price”.


New trademark of the HI-TECH level. Includes all types of additives and detergents for fuel and oil systems of a vehicle. The characteristic feature and main advantage of ATOMEX products is their high tangible performance power. The manufacturer set the goal of creating the maximum performance preparations and successfully handled this challenge: any driver can perceive the ATOMEX efficiency at once. The success of the products is ensured due to the advanced formula and presence of XADO revitalizants. All the products are presented in gasoline and diesel variants. The characteristic feature of ATOMEX products is their dynamic modern design and stylish appearance.

New special mark meeting all the world trends of the maintenance of motorcycles and bicycles. Satisfies the owners of both economy and premium class equipment. The product line includes modern materials developed by European manufacturers, such as greases and lubricants with deterging and degreasing as well as water- and dirt-repellent properties, which reliably preserve and protect motorcycles and bicycles. Under the MOTTEC trademark lubricants of the Professional series are produced which are designed specifically for maintaining HI-END equipment. They provide restoration, repair and maximum possible protection of friction surfaces of chains. High PTFE concentration guarantees particularly easy sliding and prolonged service life expectancy of expensive and loaded assemblies of modern equipment.

One of the most essential and popular XADO brands. Under this trademark Atomic metal Conditioners are produced which are considered to be top products in modern car care industry. AMC products (Atomic Metal Conditioner) are the most powerful among other revitalizants, they are a true innovation in the field of special fluids for vehicles. The AMC performance is based on the XADO 1 Stage revitalizing technology. These three-component products contain the best currently available additive packages and for the first time combine the efficiency of revitalizant and metal conditioner. The manufacturer has special AMC series for passenger cars and trucks.

The first brand which combined the third generation of revitalizants. All of currently available XADO top products are based on the revolutionary 1 Stage revitalizing technology. This technology allows to avoid multistage treatment of assemblies (replacing it with one-stage treatment) and has more possibilities for restoration of surfaces. Namely the 1 Stage technology allows for the first time ever to guarantee the wearless operation of a ceramic-metal coating for more than 100,000 km of run. The advantages of the 1 Stage brand include: one-stage treatment, high rate of application and its universality.

It is one of the key brands of XADO Chemical Group. Registered in 1998. Exactly the products under the trademark REVITALIZANT (from lat. vita – life, can be literally translated as “return to life”) made XADO world-known. Only products produced under the trade mark REVITALIZANT contains a unique substance named “XADO revitalizant”. It is an additive to lubrication materials, operating fluids, fuel, which forms a protective coating on the metal friction surfaces of the mechanisms in the operation process. Therefore the products of the trademark REVITALIZANT solve the task of restoration and repair of cars and equipment without their disassembly, as well as decrease of their capability and wearless operation. XADO revitalizant is an exclusive development of XADO Chemical Group. It belongs to the “revitalizant” substance class, developed and patented by XADO Company in 1998.


The car oil brand designed primarily for small and large wholesalers, automotive plants and transportation companies. This type of products solves the problems of consumers who need low-cost quality oils with unique properties. ATOMIC produces special high-class motor oils for all types of diesel and gasoline engines of trucks and other machinery. Due to the presence of revitalizant, these oils provide the maximum possible level of antiwear protection, effectively compensate the ongoing wear directly during the engine operation.

The first XADO car oil brand. Registered in 2004. ATOMIC OIL is a series of oils which purpose is not only to lubricate but also to protect the inner surfaces of the engine from wear. Nowadays ХАDO ATOMIC OIL presents a wide range of oils for every car: from “classic” to “supercar” with different level of operation properties including extra-class - API SM and SN, more than 40 names. The oils meet the strictest modern specifications, and even exceed them in many characteristics. The key point is that ХАDO ATOMIC OIL contain patented revitalizant, which guarantees durable and reliable engine operation. XADO ATOMIC OIL is the oil which cures!

Trademark of XADO Chemical Group. The brand philosophy is best reflected in its credo “DOMO — only the best for your household!”. Under this trademark such necessary and useful household products are produced as different types of thick and penetrating lubricants including water-repellent ones, cleaners for air conditioners, polishing agents, antimold and antifungal agents, air fresheners etc. The characteristic feature of DOMO products is their eco-friendliness. In this respect, one must mention unique premium-class antibacterial and perfumed dry air fresheners DRY AROMA based on natural essence oils.

LECO is a young and dynamic brand under which perfumes and cosmetics are produced. First it appeared in 2015. But today new lines of skin and hair care products and perfume collections are developing actively. Brand’s philosophy is reflected in its motto: “LECO — being beautiful is easy!” It means that LECO products make the process of taking care of your body easy and pleasant. The keystone of the LECO philosophy is quality. Only high-quality raw materials from leading international manufacturers are used when formulating the products. Preference is given to our own developments, and predominantly natural and organic materials are used in the manufacturing process.


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